HQ Imaging offers an automated Quality Assessment (QA) for standard ACR measurements and diffusion phantoms:

  • Ensure good patient care
  • Standardize images for multi-center clinical studies
  • Track scanner performance beyond default vendor service
  • Reduce scanner down time
  • Less repeated scans

Example: MR images are acquired with a 15 channel array knee coil on a 3T scanner.
From left to right: An increasing number of channels failed leading to low-quality images. The quality assurance program by HQ Imaging could detect this failure even before a visible affect is obvious.

User-friendly image acquisition

  • Detailed handling description
  • Downloadable sequence protocol

User-friendly image upload

  • Web based solution
  • No program installation required

User-friendly analysis

  • Clear summary on the first page
  • Reports are available within 24 hours

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