MRI Precision in Clinical Trials

for harmonized scans across centers


MRI Precision in Clinical Practice

for reduced scan times and reduced downtimes


MRI Precision in Research

for higher scientific impact


Avoid reproducibility issues and order your state-of-the-art test object for MRI calibration

  • For diffusion weighted imaging
  • For multicenter studies
  • To improve publications

MRI Quality Assurance

Standardize and harmonize your images. Request a full quality report of your scanners.

  • Measure an HQ Imaging phantom or your own
  • Get the best image quality
  • ACR QA and DWI QA

MRI Protocol Optimization

Be in charge of your MRI protocol, scan time and quality.

  • No need to interrupt normal workflow
  • Initial protocol analysis is free
  • Achieve higher revenues with shorter scan times

Where are HQ Imaging diffusion phantoms used?

HQ Imaging diffusion phantoms enable you to perform quality assurance of the complete diffusion imaging pipeline. A variety of customers can benefit from this wide range of applications: In everyday clinical practice, the diffusion phantoms can ensure the orderly functioning of diffusion MRI. In clinical research, diffusion phantoms ensure the comparability between different subjects of a study or even between different MRI systems at different locations e.g. in multicenter clinical trials. Diffusion phantoms are also an extremely valuable tool in the development of new diffusion MRI imaging sequences and post processing schemes, because they offer a well-defined ground truth in real MRI measurements.


“Upmost standards in diagnostics are of prime importance to us. We use Philips MRI and through the help by HQ-Imaging, we further improved our prostate MRI protocol and considerably reduced scan time and hence patient comfort. I can fully recommend their expert MRI protocol optimization service.”

Dr. Stefan SchneiderAtos Klinik Heidelberg

“We continuously work on the development of new imaging biomarkers including their translation from research into clinics. All potential sources of variance have accordingly to be limited as far as possible. For this, regular MRI data quality assurance procedures are mandatory and were implemented and are constantly run at our department by the experts from HQ-imaging. Their QA services I fully recommend to anyone working in the field.”

Dr. Heinz-Peter SchlemmerGerman Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

„We got the phantom in 2013 and have been using it for method and sequence development purposes. It is a wonderful tool to get ground truth data for crossing fiber in an easy and reliable fashion.“

Dr. Kawin SetsompopMGH, Human Connectome Project

„We have been using 35 DTI phantoms at 35 research sites in our pan-European center-TBI study (see, which is focused on the DTI-based investgation of traumatic brain injuries. The phantoms have served us extremely well and allowed for a true quantitative quality control management for this complex technique, which could not have been performed without them.“

Dr. Pim PullensHead of quality management program of the pan-European center-TBI study

„We have been using data obtained with the Q-Ball crossing phantom for the development of fiber crossing reconstructions. It’s first timer that we could actually use well-validated ground truth data for this purpose, which has put forward our research tremendously.”

Prof. Dr. Yogesh RathiHarvard Medical School

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