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“An ideal addition to the application specialist”

At radprax we focus on scientific progress and technical innovations. Our sites are equipped with the latest medical equipment. HQ-Imaging was able to achieve an impressive measurement time reduction of up to 20% in the course of its sequence optimization across all manufacturers. This resulted in shorter examination times for our patients and more patients can be examined, which ultimately leads to increased patient comfort. HQ-Imaging is a reliable partner around MRI, which is why we will continue our professional cooperation in the future.

Dr. Inga Cruseradprax

“We continuously work on the development of new imaging biomarkers including their translation from research into clinics. All potential sources of variance have accordingly to be limited as far as possible. For this, regular MRI data quality assurance procedures are mandatory and were implemented and are constantly run at our department by the experts from HQ-imaging. Their QA services I fully recommend to anyone working in the field.”

Dr. Heinz-Peter SchlemmerGerman Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

„We have been using data obtained with the Q-Ball crossing phantom for the development of fiber crossing reconstructions. It’s first timer that we could actually use well-validated ground truth data for this purpose, which has put forward our research tremendously.”

Prof. Dr. Yogesh RathiHarvard Medical School

“Their optimization strategy and workflow analysis convinced us”
The change from Multihance to Clariscan has resulted in an adjustment of the sequence parameters with the contrast medium (flow, quantity) and an internal MA training. HQ Imaging professionally implemented this training with full satisfaction. The analysis of HQ Imaging showed a significant optimization potential in our patient management. Together we developed an implementation strategy and improved our existing workflows. In addition to targeted employee training, our practice benefited particularly from sequence optimization. We can now perform 2 examinations more per day and device in the same time. Their approach convinced us, especially because it does not require expensive hardware or software updates.

Dr. Frank MüllerRadiologie und Nuklearmedizin Ludwigshafen

“Upmost standards in diagnostics are of prime importance to us. We use Philips MRI and through the help by HQ-Imaging, we further improved our prostate MRI protocol and considerably reduced scan time and hence patient comfort. I can fully recommend their expert MRI protocol optimization service.”

Dr. Stefan SchneiderAtos Klinik Heidelberg

„We got the phantom in 2013 and have been using it for method and sequence development purposes. It is a wonderful tool to get ground truth data for crossing fiber in an easy and reliable fashion.“

Dr. Kawin SetsompopMGH, Human Connectome Project
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