The Webpage Is Launched

March 2016. HQ Imaging is very excited going online. The webpage provides an overview of the HQ Imaging products (Phantoms, Quality Assurance, Protocol Optimization) and detailed product and contact information. HQ Imaging will strive to do the best for you!

Improved Usability of the Fiber Phantoms

January 2016. One focus of development in the past year has been on improving the usability of the fiber phantoms. By using more adapted containers, fluids and gels, the general shimming quality has been largely improved facilitating a quick and reliable use of the phantoms for your research and QA purposes.

Cyber One Competition

November 2015. HQ Imaging reaches the final of the Cyber One Competition for its business plan and business concept.

GHTC Award

October 2014. Michael Bach and the HQ imaging team win the German High Tech Champion Award for the development of magnetic resonance diffusion weighted imaging phantoms from the Fraunhofer Society. This price is the incentive to found a spin-off company.

HQ Imaging Is Founded

February 2015. As a spin-off of the German Cancer Research Center, HQ Imaging is founded. The purpose of HQ Imaging is the commercial quality assurance in medical imaging, in particular this includes the sale of measurement objects (phantoms) and the cloud-based analysis of the acquired phantom data. With this combination, HQ Imaging ensures that medical imaging devices deliver an optimal image quality – the basis for an adequate diagnosis and therapy decision.