MRI Protocol Optimization

Is the quality of your MRI scans not meeting your needs? Or would you like to have shorter scan times and increased revenues? HQ Imaging can customize your scanner and optimize the MRI protocols for the different regions. There is no need to interrupt your normal workflow and  you only pay for the results you get.

By working with HQ Imaging, you can take control of your MRI protocol, scan time and quality without taking any risks.  Contact us for more info!

Key Advantages

  • Reduced scan time per patient

  • Less repeat scans due to less artifacts

  • Faster reading due to better SNR

Find out why everyone can benefit from MRI Protocol Optimization


“We put quality first and HQ-imaging has strongly improved our prostate protocol and substantially saved scan time. They are true experts and delivered results in a timely fashion.”

Dr. Stefan SchneiderAtos Klinik Heidelberg

“Upmost standards in diagnostics are of prime importance to us. We use Philips MRI and through the help by HQ-Imaging, we further improved our prostate MRI protocol and considerably reduced scan time and hence patient comfort. I can fully recommend their expert MRI protocol optimization service.”

Dr. Stefan SchneiderAtos Klinik Heidelberg